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Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen March 20, 2011

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So I know this is one of Sarah Dessen’s older books, but its the one I read most recently.  I have read pretty much all of her other books and am excited for her new book What Happend to Good-bye that comes out in May I think.  Anyway, this was definately one of my favorites of hers. 

When Scarlett’s summer boyfriend, Michael dies in a motorcycle accident, her best friend Halley rushes home from the teen bonding camp her mother made her go to and suddenly the relationship is flip-flopped.  Their entire friendship Halley had always been in Scarlett’s shadow, standing in the background she was Halley, Scarlett’s friend.  Then comes the real shocker, Scarlett is carrying Michael’s baby and now Halley really needs to step up and be the strong one.  But Halley has her own life to deal with too, she is becoming more and more distant from her mom and does she have a new boyfriend?

Okay, I have to say I really enjoyed this book from Sarah Dessen.  I think the unbreakable bond Scarlett and Halley share is something readers can easily relate to and shows the true meaning of friendship (not that I’m trying to sound cheesy).  Serioulsy though, the story line is great and keeps you totally engaged the whole way through.  It’s a quick, easy read and definately entertaining.  The stuff Halley goes through with her mom is real and happens to a lot of people and I think in that respect readers will definately find themselves understanding Halley and her character.  I like that each of the characters have strong, well built personalities, they are individual and unique and can appeal to a variety of people.  They’re not empty and hollow with undefined personalities like some characters in other books I’ve read.  Scarlett and her situation is perhaps not something everyone can personally understand, but its relatable enough and the way she pushes through the situation I found to be very believable and inspiring.  All in all if you’re into the whole teen drama kind of stuff this is an excellent book for you.  Its not all girly girly and annoying and its totally written in a very down-to-Earth kind of way.  So try it out, definately worth the read…its short and won’t take you too long anyways.

So not bad for a first post, don’t you think?  I dont know, practice makes perfect I guess.  Stay tuned because coming up next: Naked Heat by Richard Castle which I am currently reading.  Also keep your eyes peeled for possibly some more books by Sarah Dessen and other stuff I’ve already read.