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The Maze Runner by James Dashner December 2, 2011

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Hey everyone!  Just real quick I want to apologive for the 9 month gap…highschool, its crazy! And now its junior year which equals standarized testing, crap loads of work, and figuring out what you want to do with your life!  What I’m trying to say is that while I am posting again, don’t expect much because I can’t make any promises.  Also, some of my posts may be on school books because AP English never gives you a break! (currently we are reading The Scarlet Letter…thrilling, I know).  So thanks for holding on, and I’ll see what I can do!

Now, lets get to the good stuff! The Maze Runner starts with a boy, Thomas, waking up in a pitch-black box, which we learn is an elevator.  When the elevator/box opens, Thomas, whose memory has been wiped, is surrounded by a group of boys staring down at him and welcoming him to the Glade.  These group of boys live in what they call the Glade, a place whose location no one knows.  They only know they were sent there by the Creators, whoever they are.  Beyond the Glade lies the Maze, an ever changing labyrinth of stone walls and hedges which may hold the only hope of escape.  Thomas adjusts to the Glade and each day more and more questions arise.  Why are they here? Who sent them? Where are they? And, most importantly, what kind of world waits outside?  Slowly, but surely Thomas learns the routine of the Glade and is determined to aid in the effort of discovering escape, until one day a girl arrives in The Box (the elevator thingy) and everyone’s world and concept of what might be reality is turned upside down!

A great book!  I was so hooked I could hardly put it down.  At first I was a little hesitant to read this book, as its not my normal genre, but I’m so glad I did!  The story line is captivating and full of suprises, you never know what is going to happen next.  At first I have to say, everything is a little confusing and almost nothing makes sense, so if your discouraged in the beginning, I urge you, just keep reading and it will get spactacular, I promise!  The characters are interesting and you find yourself wrapped up in their situation.  The story makes you wonder how you would handle the situation if it happend to you.  So, yeah, great book all in all.  A little confusing to start with and really hard to explain because it doesn’t relate to anything else! Just try it, I promise you won’t be disappointed! If you’ve already read the book, let me know what you think!

Sorry for the short review today, but its late and its been a long week, and to be honest I just can’t think anymore! Until next time!


What Would You Do Wednesday! March 30, 2011

Its time for another What Would You Do Wednesday!  The question this week is…What would you do if you could co-write a book with any author?  Who would you choose?

Okay, I would have to choose Sarah Dessen just because one, I really enjoy her books and two, I feel like the subject matter she writes about is more stuff I could relate to so I would be able to actually help her with a plot and developing characters and stuff like that better.  Of course J.K Rowling would be fascinating to work with as well 🙂

Alright, like before please leave you comments below and let me know what you think!


If I Stay by Gayle Forman March 27, 2011

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I read this book this past summer and found it very interesting because it wasn’t like anything I’d ever read before. 

Mia is a 17 girl and a wonderful cellist well on her way to Juilliard.  Her boyfriend, Adam, is in a band and her life couldn’t be better when she wakes up one day to find its a snow day and there is no need to get ready for school.  The family decides to take advantage of the day off and visit some friends.  Suddenly, in a flash everything is gone, victim of a terrible accident, Mia finds herself in a coma, her parents have already passed on and she doesn’t know what happened to her brother.  It soon becomes apparent that Mia has a big choice to make, she must decide her future: on one hand how could she give up Juilliard and Adam, but on the other how can she do that without her parents?  As Mia thinks back on her life so far and looks to the choice that lies ahead, this tragic yet inspiring book keeps readers hooked until the very end.

I have to say, this places pretty high on my list of good books.  I’m just going to admit right away that this book made me cry and that rarely happens.  It just goes to show what a powerful book this truly was.  Just the whole idea behind the story that we, as humans, could control our own fate like that is quite intriguing.  As Mia watches the action around her and tries work out what she should do, we get a peek back at her past at how she and Adam met and the story has a romantic touch without being too sappy.  Although it is heart breaking and death hangs in the air constantly, I found that it wasn’t really depressing to a point that made it not enjoyable.  Mia’s journey is, in its own way, quite an uplifting story.  I think readers will find the way Mia weighs her options believable and realistic.  As she watches her other relatives and friends in the waiting room of the hospital, her situation seems so unimaginable, but it is told in such a way that its as if your right there with her, trying to make an almost impossible decision.  I won’t spoil the ending, but I’ll just say that for me, it was the perfect way to end the book.  Definitely worth the read, Gayle Forman’s debut book will not disapoint you!

For more reviews on this book and many more click here.


What Would You Do Wednesday! March 23, 2011

Its time for the first official What would you do Wednesday!  Let me explain, each Wednesday, I will propose a question which describes a situation or opportunity and ask what you would do given the chance or under those certain circumstances.  I will answer the question for myself and then its up to you to leave your comments below describing what you would do.

So for the first What Would You Do Wednesday question…What would you do if you could choose any character from any book and lead their life and why? (It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same gender, or even human…hey, if you want to be a dragon or something, who am I to judge?) 

For me it would definately have to Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. I’ll admit it, I’m kind of a Harry Potter nerd, but  I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have magical powers.  Hogwarts is just such an awesome place and it would be so cool to be a student there!  I know it would be kind of scary to be in all those situations they get themselves into with Voldemort and all that, but what fun is life without a little adventure?

So, yeah, thats what I would do and now I can’t wait to hear from you…so let me know!


Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen March 20, 2011

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So I know this is one of Sarah Dessen’s older books, but its the one I read most recently.  I have read pretty much all of her other books and am excited for her new book What Happend to Good-bye that comes out in May I think.  Anyway, this was definately one of my favorites of hers. 

When Scarlett’s summer boyfriend, Michael dies in a motorcycle accident, her best friend Halley rushes home from the teen bonding camp her mother made her go to and suddenly the relationship is flip-flopped.  Their entire friendship Halley had always been in Scarlett’s shadow, standing in the background she was Halley, Scarlett’s friend.  Then comes the real shocker, Scarlett is carrying Michael’s baby and now Halley really needs to step up and be the strong one.  But Halley has her own life to deal with too, she is becoming more and more distant from her mom and does she have a new boyfriend?

Okay, I have to say I really enjoyed this book from Sarah Dessen.  I think the unbreakable bond Scarlett and Halley share is something readers can easily relate to and shows the true meaning of friendship (not that I’m trying to sound cheesy).  Serioulsy though, the story line is great and keeps you totally engaged the whole way through.  It’s a quick, easy read and definately entertaining.  The stuff Halley goes through with her mom is real and happens to a lot of people and I think in that respect readers will definately find themselves understanding Halley and her character.  I like that each of the characters have strong, well built personalities, they are individual and unique and can appeal to a variety of people.  They’re not empty and hollow with undefined personalities like some characters in other books I’ve read.  Scarlett and her situation is perhaps not something everyone can personally understand, but its relatable enough and the way she pushes through the situation I found to be very believable and inspiring.  All in all if you’re into the whole teen drama kind of stuff this is an excellent book for you.  Its not all girly girly and annoying and its totally written in a very down-to-Earth kind of way.  So try it out, definately worth the read…its short and won’t take you too long anyways.

So not bad for a first post, don’t you think?  I dont know, practice makes perfect I guess.  Stay tuned because coming up next: Naked Heat by Richard Castle which I am currently reading.  Also keep your eyes peeled for possibly some more books by Sarah Dessen and other stuff I’ve already read.


Let’s Get Started!

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Hey! Alright so here’s the deal, this blog is for teens who want reviews on books they’re thinking about reading.  When I read a book I’ll write my review/opinion/comments/whatever and you can decide if it will be worth you time to read.  I’ll keep the book summaries to a minimum because I’m just going to assume you know the gist of it if you’re thinking about reading it and that way we’ll get to the good stuff faster.  Also feel free to leave a comment to tell me what you thought of a book and/or my review and also leave requests or recommedations for books you think I should read and review.

Coming up next: Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen which I read because I love Sarah Dessen’s books and I hadn’t read this one yet, so I did.